About Us

We are Julie and Rodney

(JuJu and Grandpa,) established in June 1988.  For thirty-five years, we have bought, sold, fixed, built, renovated, created, and recreated so many properties, and we never imagined The MilkBarn would be one of our favorites! Rodney's areas of expertise are real estate and excavation, but his favorite role is Grandpa to his grandchildren. My (Julie's) fondest childhood memories are special times spent at my grandmothers' homes.  Now I not only get to pass on those special traditions to my own grandchildren, but I hope to bring those special homey touches to every project I embark on, which is how it came to be called JuJu's House.

In 2020, Rodney and Julie Wagner discovered a dilapidated milk barn and lent their eye for beauty and skilled hands to transform it into a cozy showplace.  They have decided to open up this special cottage so others may make beautiful memories here also.

Rodney renovated every square inch by hand, from the reclaimed ceiling to the custom shutters.

Plumbing goes in...

The screened porch begins to take shape.

As put by a MilkBarn guest...

"What an amazing sacred space at The MilkBarn! What some saw as bulldozer bait and worthless, you saw as lovely and useful. Thank you for seeing such potential and creating a lovely space--reminds me of God's grace!" 


You just might get to enjoy one of Great Grandma Karran's homemade blueberry scones at the MilkBarn...

Take home a custom plant stand handmade by Great Grandpa Larry!

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