Recently, when my family was gathered around a large table, we began discussing the concept of what home really means.  It's the consistent place where love awaits you, whether you are close by or far away.  It's a place for reconnecting, living authentically, and discovering that everything we need, we already have.  Home is not just a place, but in our loved ones, and in our hearts.  Families look so different--ours certainly does!  What families have in common is the love that we are lucky enough to be born into, or that we choose to create for others, regardless of how our lives started.

This property in Lowell is a project that couldn't be closer to our hearts.  We have loved pouring our labor, creative energy, and hopeful thoughts into transforming a ruined milk barn and unusable tract of land into a warm and cozy retreat, open to all to enjoy and create their own memories.  This project has been a long one, one that we didn't foresee.

Years ago, when our oldest granddaughter started referring to our home as "JuJu's house," I didn't realize those words would inspire a reality that describes so much more, not just for our grandchildren, but for anyone who would like to spend time in a place or space where there is acceptance of all that your life holds in this moment.  I hope you'll be able to visit soon, for a cup of coffee, some reclaimed furniture finds, or a weekend stay.